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Various Artists
Spirit of New Jazz

Cat. No.: SHCD130 *SOLD OUT*

Track Listing:
1. Ahmed Abdullah Quartet - Reflections on a Mystic 5:12
2. Michael Bisio Quartet - A.M. 5.28
3. Charles Brackeen Quartet - House of Gold 9:04
4. Booker T. Trio - What a Friend We Have in Jesus 5:38
5. David S. Ware Trio - An Ancient Formula 5:45
6. Dennis Charles Triangle - Afro-Amer. Ind 7:15
7. Charles Gayle Trio - Eternal Now 7:32
8. Ethnic Heritage Ensemble - Ancestral Song 5:43
9. Joel Futterman Quartet - Reality on Edge 7:51
10. Rob Brown Trio - Escape Velocity 6:36
11. Dennis Gonzalez Quartet - Boi Fuba 3:03
12. Other Dimensions in Music - Spirits Rise/Fall 6:13

Total time: 75:52

"We'd like to thank you at Silkheart for making the best compilation album of any kind that we've ever heard."
Rick Petrie, WITR/FM 89.7 Rochester Institute of Technology, N.Y., April 1993
Liner Notes

Through the long and rich history of jazz there have been a handful of labels that have defined their own jazz era. In the 1920s it was pioneering labels like Paramount and Vocalion, in the 1930s it was Decca and Bluebird. In the post-War era, with the creative burst of Bop and Progressive jazz, it was labels like Dial and Roost and Prestige and Blue Note that gave the musicians their first place to be heard. Now, in a new jazz era, it's a new label, Silkheart, that's giving us the sound of today's break-through musicians who are defining jazz in their time.
On Silkheart you'll hear artists like Charles Gayle, William Hooker, David Ware, Matt Shipp, Ahmed Abdullah, Charles Brackeen, Rob Brown, Charles Tyler, and Steve Lacy, and this is the only kind of music you'll hear on Silkheart. This is a label that's dedicated to the new music and its creators.
Silkheart is the result of a collaboration between two enthusiasts who have spent years hearing and evaluating what is happening in today's jazz. The studio production is in the hands of Keith Knox, who is well known as a jazz writer and critic and as producer of some of the most adventurous music to be found anywhere. He produced artists like Okay Temiz for the World Jazz catalog of Sonet Records, and he brought Charles Tyler to Storyville Records for two breakthrough albums. The final decisions on what to record are made with his partner, Swedish jazz lover Lars-Olof Gustavsson, who spent many years in New York soaking up jazz in the era of loft music and free jazz. Lars seems to spend as much time in New York as he does in Sweden, and he is just as involved in the NewYork jazz club scene today. It is this personal involvement in the new jazz that makes Silkheart unique, and gives the music on Silkheart its immediacy in today's jazz world.

Sam Charters
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