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Steve Swell
Music for Six Musicians:
Hommage Olivier Messiaen

Cat. No.: SHCD161

Rob Brown  alto saxophone
Steve Swell  trombone, aerophone
Jason Kao Hwang  violin, viola, electronics
Robert Boston  piano, organ
Tomas Ulrich  cello
Jim Pugliese  drums, percussion

Track Listing:
1. Opening   24:39
2. Sextet for the End of Democracy   12:24
3. Vautour Fauve   14:51
4. Joy and the Remarkable Behavior of Time   14:48
5. Exit the Labyrinth   9:27

Total time: 76:12
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Liner Notes

From Stephen Rush's liner notes:
« What we have here is new music. Free music. Ellington and Armstrong were right in not wanting to call it anything else but Music. Why put it in a sub-category? This belongs with the best of any new music, period. And this new music is created (with the assistance of Swell’s scores and direction) by an ensemble that knows how to both play and listen geometric and mystical constructions: some preconceived by the skillful pen of Steve Swell and some spontaneously shaped and formed. Lean in. Listen again. And swim upstream and down with the band – it’s completely worth it. »
Ann Arbor, July 2017
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