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Kidd Jordan, Joel Futterman & Alvin Fielder

Cat. No.: SHCD162

Kidd Jordan  tenor saxophone
Joel Futterman  piano, curved soprano, indian flute
Alvin Fielder  drums, percussion

Track Listing:
1. Opening   5:54
2. Serenity   8:53
3. Double Strike   15:00
4. Ripples   4:07
5. Run-Drop   7:34
6. Start-Stop   3:58
7. Start-Continue   14:15

Total time: 59:33
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Each track is an unedited first take with no overdubs, and is in the order recorded.
Available for order from the Rogue Art's website.
Liner Notes

From Mark Medwin's liner notes:
« These moments are implications, points along the vast trajectories the trio travels. Every minute dynamic shade is the seed containing and birthing the succeeding currents of energy increase, the liquid descents toward introspective near-silences and every gradation in between. Both Futterman and Jordan, conversationally inventive and traversing the blues-and-bop-rich fields of reference with the invocative power of mystics and the requisite experience of scholars, are bolstered by Fielder's melodic rhythms, a syntax equally steeped in tradition and freedom. Each pithy snare and tintinnabulating cymbal punctuate Futterman's powerful but concise interregistral dialogue and Jordan's enraptured cries, supplications, tender homages and joyful exclamations. »
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