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Joel Futterman, Jimmy Lyons & Robert Adkins
In-Between Position(s)

Cat. No.: SHCD163

Joel Futterman  piano
Jimmy Lyons  alto saxophone
Robert Adkins  drums, percussion

Track Listing:
1. Position I: Intuition
2. In Between Position(s) 1: Concept
3. In-Between Position(s) 2: Challenge
4. In-Between Position(s) 3: Defense
5. In-Between Position(s) 4: Affirmation
6. In-Between Position(s) 5: Repose
7. In-Between Position(s) 6: Clarity
8. Position II: Illumination

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Recorded live on April 13th 1982. Previously released (1990) on Bellaphon Records.
Available for order from the Rogue Art's website.
Liner Notes

« Performed by three masters, this album lets listeners to view the ephemeral world of improvisation very near its zenith."»
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