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Steve Swell's Systems for Total Immersion
Hommage à Luciano Berio

Cat. No.: SHCD164

Steve Swell  trombone, pocket trumpet
Ellen Christi  voice, effects
Marty Ehrlich  flute, alto saxophone, bass clarinet
Sam Newsome  soprano saxophone
Jim Pugliese  marimba
Gerald Cleaver  drum, percussion

Track Listing:
1. The Slow Reveal
2. Hope
3. Systems for Total Immersion
4. Lose and Find
5. Feathered Thing
6. Icy
7. Perched on the Soul
8. Sings the Tune Without Words
9. Never Stops at All
10. The Color of Infinity

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Recorded by Jim Clouse on June 29th and 20th 2021 at Park West Studios, Brooklyn, NY, USA.
Available for order from the Rogue Art's website.
Liner Notes

« In music, things don't get better or worse: they evolve and transform themselves."» Luciano Berio
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